Georgian silverware

Duration of the project: 2 years. 2016-2018.
Sponsor: Shota Rustaveli Georgian National Science Foundation

Georgian silverware: unknown phenomenon of Georgian Culture

The research project refers to the 19th century Georgian silverware: a fascinating phenomenon of Georgian culture, which has not been studied in the scientific literature so far.

In the 19th c. the specific system of silverware decoration was developed in Georgia. Being mostly related to the wine culture these items are interesting as they mingle oriental, western and local artistic traditions and reflect the multicultural milieu of the 19th century Georgia and Tbilisi in particular.

The proposed project seeks to investigate these silverware objects in Georgia and abroad with aim to cluster and determine their typology, 

analyze thematic groups in the wider historical, cultural and social context.

The research will specify styles of different guilds or individual masters, identify typical subject matter and analyze social, political and cultural contexts.

Project will result in scientific papers, presentations, public lectures, exhibition, educational program for the museum and the electronic catalogue of silverware.