Georgian State Museum of Folk and Applied Arts invites to the opening of Exhibition” Reflections-Georgia, Ceramics of Andulvahid Bukhoriy.”

Abdulvahid Bukhariy is the young talented Uzbek artist, whose works are influenced by the traditional Uzbek folk ceramics, classical mediaeval Islamic culture and the modern forms.  
The new works of the artist created in Uzbekistan are presented at the exhibition alongside with the ceramics created after his several months journey in Georgia, which reflect the forms and motives of the traditional Georgann folk ceramics. New works of Artist, his photo collages, and documentary about his artistic life will be presented at the opening ceremony.

Alongside with the ceramics of Abdulvahid Bukhariy the unique photos of Dimitri Ermakov from the archives of the Museum will be presented, which depict the monuments of Bukhara and Sarakhand of 1890s. These monuments and their architectural decoration and centuries long traditions have become the source of inspiration for the works of modern Uzbek artist Abdulwahid Mukhari.